Notice of retake application for international undergraduates


Application Time: From 10th, Feb to 20th Feb, 2nd semester in 2022-2023 academic year

Step 1: Please fill out application form (attachment 1) and monitors should collect it and send to your advisor  before 20th Feb. The courses you want to retake or improve have to be opened in this semester (see attachment 2)

Step 2: Adviser will review whether you clear all the fees and academic office will review your qualification 

Step 3: After the review and approval, academic office will publicize the name list of retake courses around the end of Feb, students need pay the retake fees in WeChat mini-program(100 yuan/credit) when get payment notice

Step 4:If you application is rejected, you shall not attend the class. If you still attend class and exam without approval, your final results will be invalid.

Kindly reminder:

You need clear all the fees(including academic fees and domitory fees), If you owe money, you can not apply to retake courses

You can only apply to retake the courses that are opened in this semester (see attachment 2 ). Please make sure that the courses codes and courses name must be same. If the course names are same but the codes are different (because the credits are different), you can apply to retake first and noted as different code in application form. Academic office will review whether you can apply to it. If the courses can be successfully retake, please go to academic office to do a course substitution after you pass the course.

MUCH IMPORTANT:  If there exists time conflict, the retake application form will be rejected in principle

For students who repeat the year.  please directly send your application form to your old advisor.

Attachment 1 retake application in 2022-2023 2nd semester.xlsx

attachment2-2022-2023-2 Bachelors' Class group QR codes and teaching methods.pdf

College of Overseas Education 

18th, Feb, 2022