Ability Evaluation System for International Students in NJUPT (Draft)


Ability Evaluation System for International Students in NJUPT (Draft)

I.The Score System

lAward Winners

According to the academic competition, literally style competition and other three categories of competition, points will be awarded respectively in the same event at different levels according to the highest level of bonus points. Without any Prize, there will be no bonus point.



International level competition

First winner30 points,second20 points,third10 points, consolation prize of 5 points


The national levelcompetition:

First winner20 points,second15 points,third8 points, consolation prize of 4 points


Provincial levelcompetitions:

First winner15 points,second10 points,third4 points, consolation prize of 2 points


University levelcompetition:

First winner10 points,second6 points,thirdplus 3 points, consolation prize of 1 point


School levelcompetition:

First winner6 points,second3 points,thirdplus1 point

Note: Aspecialperformance in acontest, competition or a gamecan attractan extra 2~10 points such as: to participate in school sports, win the first prize and at the same time break the record, you can get extra points in the points on the basis of first prize.

The above award by the scholarship assessment team is decided on points


lCertificate Award

Students who get valuable academic related certificate, can submit your document to get points. The certificate must be get in the evaluate period. Among same kind of certificates, only the highest level one will be calculated


HKS Level Certificate:

       If you get a level 3 or below HSK Certificate 4 points

       If you get a level 4 HSK Certificate 6 points

       If you get a level 5 HSK Certificate 8 points

       If you get a level 6 HSK Certificate 10 points


The other Ability Related certificate:

       Your Certificate will be checked by school, and give some points (0-10)


lStudent Leaders


Student Union level:

The chairman/vice chairman                     0-20 points

The secretary                                                0-20 points

The class level:

Class monitor/vice monitor                       0-15 points

Study commissioner                                      0-15 points

The club level:

Team captain/Club leader                              0-15 points


lParticipate in a Project or Research


International students apply for a project or research as host, and it completed in the evaluation period.

National project    

excellence,20 points good,17 points     medium,14 points pass,11 points


Provincial project   

excellence,15 points good,12 points     medium,9 points  pass,6points


Municipal project   

excellence,12 points good,9 points       medium,6 points  pass,3points


University level project

excellence,10 points good,8 points       medium,6 points  pass,4points


College levelproject 

excellence,8 points   good,6 points     medium,4 points   pass,2points


lPublish of articles/papers     


Special class Ⅰ:  the journal Nature, Science (confined to academic papers only)

              The first author 50 points, second author 25 points


Special class Ⅱ:  the sister journal of Nature, Science (confined to academic papers only)

              The first author 45 points, second author 20 points

Category A:     SCI, zone one; Social Science in China

The first author 30 points, second author 15 points


Category B:      SCI, zone two; SSCI; A&HCI; QIUSHI; Xinhua Digest (reprinted non-series titles overview passages); over 3000 words theoretical essays from China Daily and Guang MingDaily theoretical section

              The first author 20 points, second author 10 points


Category C:      Other SCI essays (including SCIE); Humanities & Social Science First-level Discipline corresponding to 19 categories of authoritative periodicals

              The first author 10 points, second author 5 points


Category D:     EI essays; CSSCI periodical essays (excluding Extended Version and sources sections); essays reprinted in full from Social Science Digest in China, CUAA, copied materials of Renmin University of China Periodicals

              The first author 5 points, second author 2 points

              essays from A Guide to the Core Chinese periodical or SCD

              The first author 2 points, second author 1 point


Note: if the article belongs to the university journals and also belongs to SCI or EI field, it will attract high score, do not to repeat.


标准:研究生以实际申报人身份获得国家发明专利权的学术积分等同于A类学术论文一篇;获得实用新型专利权的学术积分等同于B类学术论文一篇。criResearch on the actual declaration of identity to obtain academic integral state invention patent is equivalent to a class of academic thesis; integral academic patent for utility model is equivalent to a class of B papers.



In the activities which organized our University or school, students whose performance is outstanding could get points (0-5 points, the concrete bonus points are recognized and judged by the administration), according to the student's performance contribution degree;

If you gain honor for our university or school, gain a good reputation for international students in any activity or events, you will be given some points (0-15) depending on your contribution (0-15 points, which will be recognized and judged by the administration).

A special performance in the contribution to achieving honor for NUPT, the college or international students relating to vital issues, can attract an extra 0-10 points. The Overseas Education College of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications is responsible for the assessment and scoring.


Note: the deadline for reporting bonus points is a week before the end of each academic year. The specific time is subject to the notice of the administration.

Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

College of Overseas Education