12-Points Penalty System for International Students in NJUPT (Draft)


12-Points Penalty System for International Students in NJUPT (Draft)

According to the international student’s handbook and all other regulations, which are officially approved by the University administration, if anyone violates any of the following regulations, the administration will give the violator penalty points:

1.Make noise and affect other’s study and life.

2.Speak or conduct other activities unrelated to answering questions during the process of an exam without permission from the invigilator.

3.Speed on campus while driving OR park on undesignated place.

4.Drink alcohol excessively and cause nuisance.

5.Cheat in disciplinary regulations, such as leave after getting one’s fingerprint recorded before class.

6.Walk out of the classroom during class without the teacher’s permission.

7.Smoke in non-smoking area.

8.Other violations.

The administrative office will give the violator a 1-6 points according to the severity of a violation.


lWhen a student’ penalty point reaches 8, the student will be summoned to have a disciplinary talk with the administration office and write a promise letter to refine their behavior on campus. This is regarded as a pre-warning procedure. The scholarship, which is to be awarded to the student, would be halved.


lWhen a student’s penalty points reach 12

      The student will be dismissed by the university.


lIf in one class there are over amount of students’ violations, the administration office will decrease the scale of scholarship seats in this class.



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