A letter to all international students in NJUPT


Our dear students:

Last weekit is a sad and hard moment for our international family and for us all.  There was a traffic accident and two of our students were involved. Many students dedicate themselves to assisting the victims and act like a real family. Their deeds are praiseworthy. Herehoweverwe want to reaffirm the regulation of NJUPT: the prohibition of the use of motorcycles on Campus. No running red light, no speedingno riding e-bike or motorcycle without license.

If anyone check the official notice of Overseas Education College you will find that for the past years the administrative body had always emphasized the very importance of safe ridingrequesting that slow speed and rule observing is of great necessity. We cannot imagine how the family members of the passed and the injured would face this cruel and chilling reality. But we know they will be in the deep and unconquerable sorrow for very long time.

Hereagainwe strongly advise our students stick to the rules and regulations. 

Your safety has always been and will always be of priority to us. All students should take a lesson from the tragic accident.  In the future time please follow the rules and keep safe because these are two basic precondition that our students can enjoy their life here. By the way, please try not to go out  at day time due to the high temperature these days 

College of Overseas Education

Aug.  1st  2019