Notice on Strengthening Safety Management of Unlicensed Motorcycles and Electric Vehicles in School


In order to strengthen the safety management of road traffic in campus, to reduce traffic accidents, and to ensure the safety of life and property of students and teachers, the school will strengthen the management and control of unlicensed motorcycles and electric vehicles in schools according to the relevant laws of China (Provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China and the Opinions of Jiangsu Public Security Bureau on Strengthening the Safety Management of Electric Drive Road Traffic). Teachers and students are strictly prohibited from driving unlicensed vehicles into schools. Secondary units and functional departments are requested to notify their teachers and students. Specific requirements are as follows:


1. Motorcycles are prohibited from entering the campus (except those have already gained school pass before June 18, 2016).

2. From now on, the security department will focus on the elimination of unlicensed motorcycles parked in schools. The violations will affect the owner’s affiliated department’s annual evaluation.

Electric Vehicles

3. Vehicle owners are requested to bring materials to the public security organizations immediately for registration of electric vehicle license plates (registration place: No. 68 Dongcheng Road, Xuanwu Avenue, Nanjing Vehicle Administration). Since September 16, school gates will be under strict control. No unlicensed electric vehicles are allowed to enter the campus. For unlicensed vehicles parked in the school, the security department will deal with them with the public traffic police. The owner’s affiliated department’s annual evaluation will be affected if there is any violation.


1. Car owners should slow down when driving in schools, to avoid hitting the pedestrians. Also, car horns is forbidden.

        2. The owner shall park the vehicle in the designated non-motor vehicle parking area.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Security Department of NJUPT

                                                                            September 2, 2019