A Letter to All International Students


Since March, the epidemic situation of COVID-19 pneumonia has been controlled in China, but the situation in other countries outside China have developed rapidly. So once again, we appeal to all students outside the university not to return to the campus without receiving the official opening notice. For students in different situations, the following provisions are given:

1.All students abroad are not allowed to return to China without permission. It is recommended to stay where you are right now.


2. All students who are currently outside the campus or in other cities in China will not be allowed to move to other cities in China without permission;


3.All students on campus shall not leave the campus or move to other cities without permission unless they return to their home country.


If any student violates the above regulations, the university will deal with it seriously and give the relevant student punishment accordingly. Once the university determines the official opening time, we will inform all international students as soon as possible and give enough time to purchase air tickets. So please feel at ease about where you are and do the online learning as scheduled. If you have any questions, please do contact your adviser or monitor in advance.

College of Overseas Education

March. 17, 2020