Important Notice about Refund of Accommodation Fees


According to the relevant policy of NJUPT, the College will refund the accommodation fees according to the situation of students' actual accommodation in the spring semester of 2020, including March, April, May and June. 

  1. How to refund accommodation fees

    1. Check the payment of your Tuition, Accommodation Fee and Other Fees.

    2. If all the fees have been paid already, the refund will be remitted to your bankcard, which is registered with our finance system; OR the refund will be used to reduce the amount of the fees that you owe.

  1. About the issues that need your attention

    1. The public notice period starts from 2020 October 12 to October 18.  

    2. If you have any objection, please contact your advisor by phone, WeChat or written form before the end of the public notice period. If the objection is overdue or fails to meet the requirements, it will not be accepted.

    3. Students need to confirm whether their bankcard status is normal or not. If your bankcard has been cancelled, frozen or lost, please report to your advisor before the end of the public notice period. If you fails to report the abnormal situation of your bankcard in time, it will not be accepted.

  1. The list of students who will get refund is as follows.

College of Overseas Education