【Notice】Safety &Anti-fraud Precautions


Dear international students,

Below are some precautions about the safefy issues for your kind consideration

Fire Hazards

It gets colder and drier in autumn. Pleasedo keep warm and take proper safety precautions to avoid fire accidents.

  •  Don’t use any substandard electrical appliances (microwave, heaters, stoves, ovens, kettles, irons, electric blanket and so on). Any such appliances discovered in students’ rooms by administrators will be confiscated.

  • Cooking is strictly prohibited in your rooms. Please go to the public kitchen to cook. ALWAYS keep an eye on what you are cooking. Please keep cooking areas clean and free from anything that can be flammable.

  • Unplug electrical appliances when they are not in use. Never leave these items (while plugged in) unattended.

  • Do not use open flame or smoke in the dorm.

Please enhance fire safety awareness and do not risk lives of others and yourselves. College of Overseas Education, Security Department, Dorm management, and student volunteers will regularly conduct comprehensive inspections. For those dormitories or students that have not been rectified in accordance with corrective measures or rectification is not in place, the College will take the measures to confiscate and punish.

Hidden trouble of Traffic

Considering your safety and convenience, students are only allowed to ride bike and e-bike on campus. Please abide by the traffic regulations and other related Chinese laws and regulations. Drive or ride any vehicle with the corresponding driver’s license.

There are some hidden troubles of traffic:

  • E-bikes and their batteries are very prone to fire accidents / explosions if they are not maintained or handled properly, overcharging.

  • Ride on opposite lane.

  • Drive with others in the basket/on the Back.

  • Drive fast and without helmet.

  • Install a sun/rain shade.

Here are some safety precautions for you:

  • Control your riding speed and make sure your and other people’s safety.

  • One e-bike or bike can only carry one adult and another child if needed.

  • Park your vehicle in the designated area.

  • Do not charge your E-bikes indoors, corridors etc. Do not personally remove the battery or alter your E-bike without professional support. Avoid removing your batteries and charge them in your room.

  • Purchase good quality E-bikes and batteries. Please avoid customized E-bikes and second hand batteries. Change batteries on time if your batteries are charged frequently.

Preventing Internet Fraud

Scammers usually use the photo and personal information of officials, teachers or your classmates to register WeChat and then fabricate various reasons to request a money transfer to an unknown bank account or wechat/Alipay. Please pay attention to avoid being defrauded.

1. Be alert when getting calls from strangers. If you suspect you are involved in a scam, never give your personal information over the phone.Instead, you should talk it over with your advisor or the security department of NJUPT: 025-85866110, and report it to trusted public security bureaus.

2. Never deposit or transfer money to unknown accounts. Never provide details on bank accounts or verification codes when dealing with uninvited contacts or unknown people or business, always consider the possibility that the approach may be a scam.