Notice for making-up exam in 1st semester of 2020-2021 academic year

发布时间:2021-03-01动态浏览次数:125  this is the link for making-up exam information (including making-up exam date  and requirement) the students in the making-up list link  [金山文档] name list for making-up .xlsx, please attend the relavant wechat groups or contact the teachers asap, and FINISH MAKING-UP EXAM BEFORE deadline! 

Kindly reminder:

1、Missing the deadline will be regarded as giving-up exam. Please noted that not all courses are set with making-up exam. 

2、 If you were absent from final exam or you got 0 or very poor in academic performance in the course last semester, there is no chance of making-up exam for you. This kind of students have to retake the course next year. 

3、Your making-up results=academic performance in last semester (平时成绩)+making up exam. For example, if the results=50% academic performance +50% making-up exam,and you got 20 in academic performance. There is no hope for you to pass it although you get 100 in the making-up exam. In this condition, you can tell the teacher that you will give up exam.