List of retake courses for undergraduates


The deadline of application was over, any application form of course-retake after 10th, March will not be approved by academic office.

Please confirm the course name, course teacher and attend the right classes on time. 

In the end of March, you can pay the retake fees through wechat mini-program. Please pay attention : After the final confirmation with the academic department, the retake fees will be based on the current credits of the course that you will retake, rather than the credits of courses that you failed or took in the first time. Because  the class hours of some courses increases or decreases comapred with the past, the corresponding credits changes accordingly. 1 credit is equal to 16 class hours. If the credit of one course increases,   you can be taught and trained for more hours.

If you have doubt with the list, please write email to or your advisor 

Attachment 留学生重修名单20210310.xls