Reminders for the May-Day Holiday


Dear students, the May Day Holiday starts from May 1st (Saturday) to May 5th (Wednesday). On May 8th (Saturday) you will go to classes with Wednesday’s timetable. Below are some reminders for you.

1. Please arrange your schedule in advance. You shall apply for the leave to your advisor if you plan to go outside of Nanjing with acceptable reasons before 30th of April. Please pay attention to the traffic security and observe the traffic rules and regulations. When you ride e-bike or scooter, please slow down and give way to pedestrians.

2.  Please strengthen personal protection. The epidemic prevention and control is still much important. Please minimize the unessential going-out. If you experience symptoms of fever or respiratory infections, seek prompt diagnosis and treatment at medical institutions, and report to your advisor at the earliest possible time.

3. All the international students must comply with Chinese laws and regulations. Violation of national laws, ordinances, and regulations will result in legal penalties from the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice, and, depending on the severity of the offense, students will be given punishments from a serious warning to expulsion from the University. Common violations include illegal working with student visa, expired visas, unruly behavior influenced by alcohol,etc.

4. Students who live on campus shall abide by the relevant regulations of dormitory. Accommodating others in the dorm is forbidden. Using induction cookers, micro-wave oven and other high power appliances in the room are strongly prohibited. Please keep the room quiet and clean.

5. Be aware of food quality and avoid food poisoning and gastrointestinal infectious diseases.

6.  In case of an emergency, please call the police at once and contact with your advisor.

Wish you a good time of May Day holiday!

College of Overseas Education