Notice for the students who can not graduate on time


Our dear students:

As is stipulated by the university regulations, for any student who cannot graduate in time in the academic year as scheduled, they must refund at least one-year university scholarship in the previous years. That means a student, unable to graduate as planned, has to refund their scholarship money to pay their full tuition fees (Bachelor 14000/15000; Master 18000/20000; PhD 25000). 

However, considering our students’ situation with due process and required application we make this plan to relieve the financial burden of all the students concerned:

1.     Refund part of University scholarships to the university (Bachelor 7000; Master 9000; PhD 9000)

2.     Pay fees for retaking courses (500 RMB yuan per credit)

After the students refund the scholarship money the administrative body will help extend the visa (Buying insurance is needed). We, however, strongly advice our students to work hard and graduate as planned. Thus, you can save yourself and as well as the administrative body of a lot troubles.

Considering it is near the end of the semester, for this academic year concerned students can refund 2000 Yuan first to ask for initiate all the procedures needed for visa extension and graduation next year, and refund the rest of the scholarship money in September when next semester begins.

DEADLINE is 4th of July.