Notice: Scholarship and living allowance for the international students out of China Mainland in 2020-2021 Academic Year


According to the requirements of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control and the regulations of higher authorities on the management of scholarship, the relevant issues to international students out of China Mainland in 2020-2021 academic year are as follows:

1. From 2020 fall semester, the living allowance of PhD students outside China Mainland will be suspended and it will be reissued as appropriate after students return to College.Other types of scholarship will be issued according to the regulations and the actual situation. If it fails to be issued for some reason, it will be reissued as appropriate after students return to College.

2. International students outside China Mainland shalltry best to participate in online teaching promptly according to their area's network situation and the curriculum. Please ask for leave to the teacher promptly in advance if there exists some emergency or other reasons.

3. International students shall participate in the course learning, submit homework and finish online assessment in time according to the course requirements. The College will take students' attendance and performance during online teaching as part of the criteria of scholarships.

4. International students who do not have the network teaching conditions or are not willing to participate in online teaching can apply for suspension. For students who need to suspend study, please fill in “Application Form for School Suspension and submit it to the 1-500(8) Office after being signed by the adviser and supervisor before 20th October, 2020.Please send the completed application materials to the Please wait patiently for the official reply after submitting the application materials. The longest suspension period is one year from the official approval of suspension. During the suspension period, the scholarship will be suspended and the duration of the subsidy will be extended.

5. International students who do not participate in online learning and do not apply for suspension before the deadline will be regarded as giving up studying in the University. The College will handle it according to the automatic withdrawal process.

休学申请 Application Form for School Suspension.doc


College of Overseas Education, NJUPT