Time line for paperwork

in Octorber of 1st semester of 2nd grade

supervisor arrangment 

in October of 1st semester of 1st grade

start proposal

in Octorber of 1st semester of 3rd grade

start mid-term inspection

in April or May of 2nd semester of 3rd grade

finish final paper and final defense


Materials you have to prepare the softcopy and hardcopy

1English Transcript  (school supply)

2Personal degree map (supervisor signature)


4Midterm-inspection only for masters

5Defense application formapplied and downloaded in system

6Degree information basic data form applied and downloaded in system

7Experts’ paper blind review (given by supervisor, master has two reviews, PhD has 3 reviews)

8Master's degree application report (printed in both sides)

9Master's degree thesis originality declaration (print separately with student and supervisor signature)

102 copies of final paper with cover and thesis originality declaration inside it (with student and supervisor signature, printed in both sides)

Time for application in the system (The time underlined in yellow color is suggested for our international students)

   1paper review application 论文评审申请

International postgraduates can log in the degree system to apply for paper review, and the same time, supervisor need review and approval in the system. 

   2plagiarism checker 

After supervisor approves your application of paper review, international postgraduates can log in the degree system to apply for plagiarism checker before 10:00am on 20th, Mar. or 17th, April or 15th, May,  and the same time, supervisor need review and approval in the system. Only your paper review application is approved in the system, then you can start plagiarism checker.

    3experts paper review or blind review

   If the students pass the plagiarism checker, they can apply for experts paper review or blind review before before 10:00am on 23rd March or 20th April or 18th May.

    4Defense application 

When you finish previous procedures and pass the blind review, and get the notice of defense arrangement, you can apply defense in the system 

the first batch of defense should be finished before 8th May, the second batch of defense should be finished before 5th, June. the third batch of defense should be finished before 20th,June The exact date will be issued by MBA center and ICE and MCST academic office. 

File download link(proposal, mid-term inspection, final thesis template)


Application Procedures for Postgraduates Paperwork

Official Linkhttp://i.njupt.edu.cn/cas/login?service=http%3A%2F%2Fi.njupt.edu.cn%2Fportal%2Fcas%2Fclient%2FvalidateLogin

User name is student ID F1020****. Original Password for all 2020 master is abc2022+

If you forget your password, you can call 025-83492019 or go to Room 155 in libarary to find it.

When you log in, please click “研究生系统” to enter into the postgraduates paperwork website.

Then click “学位” to continue your further step.

Specific details are as follow.

  1. Graduation Qualification Review

The office of graduate school will conduct graduation qualification review . Only students who pass the graduation qualification review could take part in plagiarism checker and paper review. Please click研究生系统/学位/状态查询”to check whether you have passed or not.

“已通过”means PASS

  1. Plagiarism Checker and Paper Review

  1. Plagiarism Checker

Please click查重申请”and then click the录入”button. Please click the申请”button, enter the information, upload the paper(both PDF and Word version) and click the提交”button.

After supervisor approves your application, the graduate school will conduct plagiarism checker. You could click研究生系统/学位/状态查询”to check the progress.

Operation Procedures for Supervisors: (研究生系统/学位/查重审核)

In general, after you submit the application, you could check your results in the system. When you pass the plagiarism checker, you could start the blind review.

If you fail to pass the plagiarism checker, please modify and improve your paper and resubmit the application. Only your advisor approve the application, could you start the plagiarism checker.

  1. Paper Review

Please click评审论文信息and then click the录入”button. Please click the申请”button and enter the related information in the left side(the number of Chinese and English keywords are at least three words). After you upload successfully, please click“提交”. (Note: )

For MBA students, they need upload the paper which meet the requirement of Blind review 

The format of the blind review thesis must conform to the Standards for Writing Postgraduate Dissertations of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications 

 pay special attention to:

1. For international students, please directly delete the cover, originality statement and acknowledgment should not appear in the blind review paper.

2. The names of graduate students and supervisors should not appear in the blind review paper.

3. For the thesis the graduates published before, they  need to list the name of the journal, indicate that it has been published, or that it has been accepted. There should be no specific paper title, author names. The format is as follows:

Author X, journal name, published/accepted in XXXX year.

4. Please upload electronic documents in pdf format, and the system will automatically name them

for blind review, please click 匿名上传 and upload the paper in required format.

3.Registration of Research Achievements

Please go to 科研成果”and click 录入”button.Please click the “新增”button on the right side in different categories of achievements(期刊论文CSSCI, 会议论文conference paper, 技术专利patent, 发表著作book,科研项目academicproject and竞赛获奖competition). Please enter the related information correctly and completely and upload the credential. Please make sure the status is “已录入”before you take your defense material.

Note: If our international students don't have research achievement, just jump this step.

4.The School Takes the Defense Materials Bag

 The Graduate School will send the form 1(transcript), form 2(personal degree map, proposal and Midterm-inspection) and form 3 (3 copies of declarations) to students who pass the start proposal and start mid-term inspection. Also, the Graduate School will conduct plagiarism checker and blind review subsequently. The materials of students participating in the blind review of the thesis must be sent to the college after they pass the review.

5. Enter the Information of Degree Application

 Please go to 学位申请信息”and click 录入”button. Please fill out the related information correctly and submit it.

6. Application for Defense

 Please go to答辩申请”and click 录入”button. Please enter the related information correctly. You could add the information of experts of defense committee. The major college will give you the name of experts, you need write down in the system

(1)Review by Supervisor

 Supervisor go to 研究生系统/学位/答辩申请审核”to audit the application of students and fill in comments.

7. Defense

 Please go to研究生系统/学位/学位审核”and download and fill in form 8(学位申请书Master's degree application). If you want apply for excellent paper, please go to 研究生系统/学位/校优申请”and fill in form 10南京邮电大学优秀研究生学位论文申请书.

 The defense committee will organize, vote and recommend the students who are able to apply for excellent paper.

8. Improvement after Defense

After the defense, the students have to modify the paper carefully.

9. Submit the Defense Material

 The secretary of defense will hand in materials(form 1-10) to the school. If the postgraduates are funded by the provincial innovation project, they need to sign the "江苏省高校研究生科研创新计划项目结题报告书及成果附件" and put it in the defense material bag.

10. Submit the Finalized Papers after Defense

 (1) Please go to 研究生系统/学位/定稿论文提交”and upload the electronic paper(both PDF and word version).

Note: In addition to the library, the students need to upload the revised papers. The archived paper will be directly used for uploading to CNKI and Wanfang for online publication. Please be sure to confirm the version before uploading. Graduation certificates and degree certificates will not be issued if you don’t upload.

 (2)Students upload the electronic version of the dissertation on the library homepage, and submit to the library a dissertation signed and confirmed by the supervisor.

11. Review by Committee

 The college organizes the meeting for the degree evaluation, and the school organizes the meeting of the school degree evaluation committee to make a decision whether award the degree.

12. Receive the Certificate

 The students receive the graduate and degree certificate, and leave the school.

2023 Schedule



1st batch

2nd batch

3rd batch

Plagiarism Checker and Paper Review

Before 10:00am 

on 20th, March

Before 10:00am on 17th, April

Before 10:00am on

 12th, May

Application of blind review

Before 10:00am 

on 23rd, March

Before 10:00am on 

20th, April

Before 10:00am on

 15th, May


Before 8th, May

 Before 5th,June

Before 20th,June





All materials submitted ddl

before 15th,May

before 12th, June

before 27th